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About Wobook

Wobook: Life is a book!
We have developed a completely automated - 100% online - solution dedicated to the rising market of digital publishing.
A global solution:
- Wobooks can be used on all computers and mobiles, whether PC, Mac , IOS or Android.
- Wobooks works on any existing internet browsers.

We say: there cannot be genuine innovation without an utmost level of quality. That's why Wobook offers the latest online innovations: virtual page-turning, unequalled zoom quality up to 300%, intuitive ergonomics, interactive railway and table of content, dynamic links towards your sites and products, the ability to embed video and audio at whim on every page.

We also designed a specific technical environment enabling nearly-instant display - meaning a unique quality of online reading for the end-user.

Wobook is without a doubt, a powerful, cost-effective yet readily adaptable solution for all publishers wishing to go online.
Dozens of recognized publishers have now endorsed Wobook as their online publishing solution. The technology has been well-tried, especially in terms of traffic. Wobook has been designed not only to field automatically to the many requirements from all sorts of publishers, but also to respond successfully to intense traffic flows generated by online readers. Our results make our price even more interesting compared to our quality of service.

"To create, store, publish or edit a web publication has never been so easy for publishers. Incredible new opportunities are now at hand for all people involved in the publishing world. Our goal is to become the significant player of this market."